3 Serves a Day / Interview

I know, I forgot about my blog. It's been a long time since I wrote something here. I've been very busy with my new exhausting job at Apple Store, and I'll be busy until the end of the year. Of course I love what I do, so I'm not complaining about it. Really.

I've got three more things that I love to do. The first thing is designing things, the second thing is my radio show Alt Sokak, and the last thing is my new hobby 3 Serves a Day. (Hmm, I started to love the figure three.) It's still a hobby, but the simple idea behind the blog attracts more people to it every other day.

'The Internets' is a small world, so Pinar from the online journal called Futuristika! found my blog through Skoer's Tumblr and she liked it. When I got the e-mail from her if I wanted to have an interview about 3 Serves a Day, I was really surprised. But of course I said 'Yes'.

Big thanks to Pinar Ilkiz for having me as a guest to their journal, Ezgi Baser for taking her precious time to translate this interview into English and Skoer for his sincere support. And of course, thanks to YOU! You can find the original transcript here in Turkish.


As far as I know, you live in Australia. How did this journey begin?

Actually it was unexpected. When I learned that I wouldn’t be able to be a dietitian as a matter of some legal procedures, I came up with an alternative plan, and this plan led me first to USA and then all the way through here. I always knew that my mind was solely canalized for designing. And then I decided to realize this dream and came to Melbourne.

One of your specialized areas is “sound editing”. You also have a history of DJing. Have you initialized the project “3servesaday” as a result of developing a passion for music, or have you decided to use 3servesaday as a way to get your professional efforts’ worth in sound editing?

Music has been a long time pursuit and hobby for me. I actually believe that when I integrate my hobbies into my professional life, I can create my favourite works. For instance, Alt Sokak, my show that is broadcast on Radio ODTU every Friday, is a part of this hobby. If I don’t like what I do at first hand, it’s not worth to share them. And if I can colour up the lives of people that I love and the other people around me, then it’s a bonus for me.

Do you like all the songs you mix or are there any songs that you add for the sake of a better combination?

I love all the songs that I mix. All of them somehow left a mark on my life. Actually, “3 Serves A Day” is an extension of “Muzo’s iPod Diary” podcast that I once started but couldn’t continue with. This time, I don’t talk and let the songs tell my feelings throughout the day. It is possible to assume this blog as a musical diary.

Which one comes first for you, “music or misery”?

Of course, “misery”. Actually I would like to take one step further by asking the question “Would we feel alive if there were no misery?”

What is your favourite movie about music?

A bit cliché, but “High Fidelity” could be the best movie I have ever seen about music. As for musical documentaries, I would say “Blur: No Distance Left To Run”.

You are also interested in photography and video arts, but you have never supported your mixes on 3servesaday with visuals.

I would prefer “3 Serves a Day” to focus on only one thing, that is music. I keep the website theme as simple as possible and don’t want to it to be associated with any other keywords than music. I have a blog project in my mind which will include music videos and photographs, yet be different. But I don’t know when I will be able to carry out, blame my laziness. Hope we will see this together soon.

What are your favourite mp3 blogs?

I try to stay away from mp3 blogs as far as I can. But the websites that I generally follow include Drowned in Sound, Pitchfork Media, NME and SoundCloud.