Bunlari biliyor muydunuz?

Aslinda hicbir zaman filmlerin cogunlugunda oldugu gibi uzuntulu anlarda huzunlu muzik calmiyor gercek hayatta.


12:18 PM Cem said...

Cok guzel bir noktaya barnah bastiniz sayin Muzo. The Wire'in ustunluklerinden sadece biri:

"With most TV shows and movies, music is used to manipulate emotion," says Wire music director Blake Leyh over the phone from his studio in New York. "In The Wire, the music is just part of the sound landscape. It's used to increase the verisimilitude. We're telling the story with the music, sometimes, but not very much. It's mostly about creating the environment, and making that environment more believable and more real."
"Once or twice per season we'll have something that amounts to a montage," Leyh says. "Every other time there's music in the show and it's being played as source music--they're driving in a car, or they're in a bar and music's playing on the jukebox, they're standing on the street slinging and there's a boom box there. And it's always played very rigorously, as if it's coming from the source."

-- http://www.citypaper.com/music/story.asp?id=12203

6:12 PM Nepenthe said...

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