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Aşağıdaki yazıyı PC World dergisinin internet baskısından kopyalayıp yapıştırdım. Videonun içeriğini anlatıyor. Videoyu izlerken yerlere yattım. Hani pek benzemese de Andy Kaufman'ı hatırlattı bana.

"The Mother of All Fake Game Demos

One would think a person wouldn't need to be a hoaxster to make a video game look awful: So many commercially released games are bad enough without anyone resorting to trickery. But Tristan Newcomb created a masterful hoax by intentionally building an awful game. (Impossible to describe, it inexplicably includes Lego characters plus SpongeBob SquarePants on a Mario-like adventure, complete with 1980s-style, voice-synthesized narration.)

Demoing his game to a large audience, Newcomb pretends to struggle to keep the "players" in line (everything on screen is prerecorded) while dealing with the stress of constant bugs and game crashes. The audience is alternately annoyed and amused, much as you'll be if you watch the whole affair, which is essentially a postmodern performance art piece.

This is a long video, so skip around--you'll see some truly funny moments along the way."