Complaint to Apple

Apple! Apple Inc.! Apple Computer! Hear my roar!

We can't reach Apple Discussion Forums from Turkey. Why? Anyone?

If you have a solution besides using a proxy, you're welcome.. :)


7:25 PM Anonymous said...

Who cares? What is to be discussed? Which apple?

7:29 PM Muzaffer said...

The answers to your intelligent questions lies in a mental institution which is near your house. I really care about it.

10:53 PM Anonymous said...

Sorry! I just wanted to hint to that are unreachable from Turkey for more than two months now and no one other than you had a remark on this. The only Google return to my query was your posting.

I sent two messages to on the issue but I hadn't any response.

So please forgive my sarcasm.

4:33 PM Muzaffer said...

Screw They know nothing. That's because I posted this entry. I hope someone who works for Apple will see this blog.


8:56 AM eng into nic said... is on air now. I am not sure if it is this that has helped but two days ago I sent a message to Apple Support.